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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 24, 2013 11:10pm-12:00am PST

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more than one woman was sent to the hospital. joining us for a union city with the latest. and, what do police have right now. >> we just learned that two people are in kcustody. they were both or rested here at union landing. now, if they carjacked the mercedes benz in fremont or ended up here in union landing. six smashed cars. >> we're kind of stuck here. >> shattered glass on the ground. your cars involved. they ought to have, the union lenny shopping center and saw their smashed up green -- and this was no movie. >> this is out of my control. so i just, you know. been kind of calm. called my insurance right away and give them my area. >> fremont play may be a total
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of five parked cars including of an suv. >> i'm pretty shocked because i parked it out pretty far from the theater. no one is going to hit it. >> a woman was sitting in that white nissan. she to be airlifted in the hospital. >> the hijacking the mercedes, he's waused all this mess. enjoying my son at the movies. a little before 1:00 there afternoon. officers spotted the car, went after the two car thieves. the stays continue into the h shopping center. after hitting five cars the two carjackers jumped out of the mercedes and started running. >> i can't believe it happened. >> reporter: here again is the tree we were talking about earlier. this tree and its support stick
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was once about 70 feet from here. again, police have made two arrests in this case tonight. live in union city, george. police say the attack happened around 8:30 friday night outside the webster parking garage. the victim is a man in his 50s who help police come up with this sketch of the suspect. he said there would be, they tried to wrestle the gun away. when they couldn't they managed to run away unharmed. we three other armed robberies happened in pal to at to in atlanta weeks. invest ga investigating trying to see if they are related. a man is on a man rubt for t shoeing and killing three people. lamar harris, arrest history.
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investigators say harris opened fire from a black range rover. he and oakland raptor kenny "clutch" thursday after clerry was shot his car, a maserati, crashed into a taxi but exploded killing the driver and passen r passenger. new information on the i understand dbt that landed mc hamner jail. amor was arrested on thursday in dublin. the wrapper claims he was the victim of racial profiling. first words out of his officer's mad was, quet, are you on parole or probation." the chsheriff's department beca argumentative. he continued to argue. over twitter, dubbed the
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incident a teachable moment. later desmond brian also in trouble with the law tonight. he was in florida for criminal mischief. he has played for the raiders for four years and is to be a restricted free agent next month. alex smith is moving on from the niners. tonight sources say the niners trade them. henry? >> hello, diane. you know, there are multiple reports that the 49ers have a deal in place to trade alex smith. however that deal can't be finalized before march 12th, which is the bigger of the gee they were the first to report this potential trade on sunday. the 49ers have not confirmed this report at this time. according to the report the trade ask an unnamed team is
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effectively complete, we'll be following this story as it departments in the coming days. plus, must have more coming up a little bit later in sport. the families of a bay area man and woman missing in peru are trying to reach out to the country's government. 25-year-old garrett hand and 27-year-old jamie kneel left the bay area in november. they chronicled their trip on facebook but the posts abruptly handed in close. a day later a security camera captured images of the two getting into a taxi. the owner of the was a couple of -- especially since i'll get that. criminals looking to kidnap americans. >> i'm extremely concerned. i'm very fearful that has kopd and it's not like willing i --
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it's not as likely that they're just hout on an excursion. they has dade . have you seen this woman? police in san francisco and san bruno are working to track down 36-year-old zamora reported missing eight days ago to san francisco police. investigator sass say she may have been spotted in san bruno since then. . officials say quick police work prevented any injuries. the fire burned on golden gate avenue mere servicer is. a pot left on the stove sent flames shooting up a few fay high.
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there were no injuries. a total of eight apartments were seriously darnlged. the most of the folks from those apartments are stiing with friends and relatives will. former president jimmy carter was in san francisco today its thousands of a peting. he spoke about the challenges and responsibilities facing the united states as a world super power. you said the cork ris ticks of a great nation including, freedom, democracy, human rights, sharing wealth with others. >> let's look at america for a moment. let's talk about peace, foirst f all. since world war ii, we've been almost constantly with war. our country is now looked upon as full most nation on aers and it's see if it's a commitment of
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america to negotiate differences with others. >> carter helped broker please betweenish mall and treaty. it's still down the number of nuclear weapons in the world. >> it's going to warm up a little bit, rob? >> especially second half of the week. temperatures will climb very close to the low sents as we finish off february. outside right now, shilly. in skies tonight. the winds are backing off. it's like that anyway here. it's going to be chill in dropping in some of the. the winds will set the stage for a chilly morning. clouds coming in to the north bay. we'll see a lies bring of before
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6:00 in the morning. after that, clearing skies and a warming forecast here over the next five to six mys. >> like by frontal boundary just bringing cloutsz and may be just a enough lift. high pressure is not going anywhere. it's getting paint ert storm night and we build back across northern california. that's when you should snow the warmer days of the week. should see lots of swebtds in the inland valleys. tri-valley down towards area of south san jose and north bay as well. dry finish to sarvel which mams up a koip little bitter on this week. sprinkles are off to the west of santa rosa and by afternoon, sunshine. winds out. tuesday and wednesday. different days but really the same forecast here. just looking at high clouds going on by.
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that's about all gotting to go get through. s that a hide builds back, underneath it you continue can't to go up. 30s and starting tomorrow morning, a bill chilly. t-shirt tomorrow perhaps. 60s around san jose. 65 and sples santa ana tonight valley. close to 60 in san francisco. very clikly one of the cooler things we'll see for sdaefr high pressure nonarea and you can see the numbers here, as we head towards the end of the week and into the weekend, it looks like sunday around this time next weekend, a few more clouds and sea breeze. it will cool us off. the seven-day forecast. you're t not going to see it there but towards the dpining of the following week, we hope.
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we keep saying that every week. we keep thinking it's a little bit more rain and snow. in the meantime, we'll enjoy the 60 degrees. >> yes. still to come at 11:00. didn and the oscar goes to -- >> look at that. some surprising at the academy awards. we'll fell you in on all the drama and excitement. the red carpet rolled out n in.
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several scored big wins and including best picture victory for a film based on a real life historical event. >> "argo." >> the academy awards biggest prize went to ben affleck's thriller about the 1979 rescue of american hostages from iran.
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>> i think everyone on the movie, i just thanked. >> he directed and starred in the film which won three oscars, including best adapted screenplay. "life of pi" went "argo" one better, four awards and best director, beating out "lincoln" director steven spielberg. "lincoln" did make history, daniel day-lewis, first three-time winner for an actor. >> my equals, i'm so proud to have been included as one amongst you. >> winning oscar for the first time buzz jennifer lawrence. silver lining playbook star took a stumble up the stairs on her way to prize. >> you guys are standing up because you feel bad that i feel. it's embarrassing, but thank you. >> on the night when the academy spread the wealth.
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he got his second oscar as best supporting actor. the film's director quentin tarantino won his second for screenay. two years after co-hosting the oscars, anne hathaway was back to win one. best supporting actress for "les m misera miserale miserales". hollywood's biggest night is the biggest fund-raiser for one bay area non-profit. the academy my of friends will be drve i haved up and given to six local charities. kimberly terry was at the oscar gala earlier and has this look. >> hollywood, san francisco. >> i'm excited. >> hunts of people arrived at the academy of friends 33rd annual gala tonight to celebrate the glitz and glamour of the oscars. >> we all have our lives and
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when we see movies we escape to those and we're listening to stories being very well told by talented people. now they're being rewarded for their hard work. >> it's such a lavish evening but it's for a great cause. >> reporter: proceeds go toward local hiv/aids educational program. >> it's still an incredibly important issue. thousands of our neighbors and family members are impacted. i think we're more positive now to do things that are productive and supportive. >> this year it's boas, bow ties and bubbly. and, oh, to the roars '20s. a period of hope. >> which is good news for the non-profits and say they've been struggling in recent years. >> i can't say how upsetting it is because last year we recovered from a couple of negative years. and so last year we came out ahead and we were able to give money. this year we were able to give a
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lot more. >> we're really trying to instill the feeling of optimism and we're on a roll and on a comeback. >> kimberly terry, nbc. alex smith isn't the only athlete making headlines tonight as well. >> comcast sportsnet is here. henry? >> yes, diane and terry, the giants are on the verge of locking down two key members of their world series run. but first, it's the thrill and thunder of the great american race. danica patrick stay on the fast lane and make history? in daytona, the answer is ahead.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. danica patrick made history last sunday becoming the first woman to take the pole in nascar sprint cup series.
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how would she fair in the great american race today? the daytona 500 doesn't get any bigger than this in nascar. dani danica, the first ever to starting on that pole, she had 42 cars trying to run her down. lap 33, kasey kahne and the 5 car. he spins out. nine cars involved in this big crash. kevin harvick and tony stewart knocked out of the race. more on lap 90. first ham a to ever leave the lap. but when it comes to quitting time she wasn't offen the lead. >> you just won the 500! >> won the daytona 500! >> yeah, that is jimmie johnson, pulled ahead of the pact to take the checkered flag. five-time nascar champion, well, he's won two daytona $500 now. >> spent most of the race
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running half throttle in the line. spent a lot of people thinking about what we're going to do when that opportunity comes. you know, i think they -- it's just t like i felt if i were to die low i had a feeling i was going to get freight trained. >> great job, danica finished in eighth place. basketball, warriors and t-wolves. 90 seconds amaining in the game. rookie rubio getting the baseline runner. jarrett jack late in the game misses all of a sudden six seconds remaining on the block and two for the win. close but not this time. oh, take a deep breath. warriors and 100- 9. >> i got a great goup of guys that are resilient and we didn't start the way we wanted to be
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they scratched, they clawed and battled. >> we were able to come out of all-star break and go home and do the business. carrier right here on the road. everyone knows the most important game on the road trip is the first one. >> three consecutive wins for the warriors. on to baseball, san francisco chronicle henry is reporting giant team president working on a bobby baird. gm brian sabean, right now both are kind through the 214 season. most clost a close game today with the cubs. eight inches today, all four were unearned. by the way, kaine was hit in the right knee by a line drive but he says he's okay. the giants will face the whis sox tomorrow. as will the green and hold.
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they were taking on the angels bet there first evening. and local chris i thoul it was -- >> no, you've got your heat runners, on second and third, chris young is on his horse. look at him with that jaek tack clar catch. quad cramp but he's okay. as go on to win, 7-5. it's supposed to be a quiet day around here. it was very busy. once again, tomorrow, we'll have the latest on this potential trade of the 49ers quarterbackal alex smith. still to come, sky why prices at the point. you noble notice that. and we're following that breaking news off of the coast of san mateo county where they were missing after their cale
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boat began taking on water.
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we want to return now to breaking news off the coast of san mateo county. tonight a desperate search is under way at sea for two adults and two children. the coast guard says the four haven't been heard from since their sailboat started taking on water and communications were cut. the accident happened about 65 miles off the coast of pillar point. kimberly terry is live with the latest on efforts to find them. kimberly? >> our coast guard cutter was found off into the water to help with the rescue from the other side of the island from the coast guard station and what i can tell you is that the coast
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guard start call, the only distressed call at 4:30 this afternoon. but could the coast guard says it was a 20 foot sailboat. it used to be 65 miles off the shore. pillar point at that time. the western calling said it was an hour later. at 5:30 the coast guard said the two adults and two children on board that boat, had to abandoned ship. it is unclear whether they had life jackets but they just did not have blast or survival gear. we don't know what they had on board. they had a cooler and life ring? >> wul we're trying to do is a -- the water is very cold. there currently is gale force winds. it's pretty bad.
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>> right now two helicopters, a cutter and a patrol boat, out in the water helping them. the national guard has been called in to help. it has been about six hours since those four people had to abandoned shift. kind of concerned and several searches from surround up. nothing so far. the diskreszed call just they think that that is, the 29-foot boat the called the charm-02. since they do not know where that boat was headed or where it came from. if you have any information on a thoet, sure that's it. they want any informatin that could help lead them to these four victims. thank you very much. and stay with us for updates on this breaking news story. we will bring you the latest
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throughout this newscast. and "today" in the bay. tens of thousands of people packed into st. beert's's 85-year-old pope addressed the crowd from his window at the vat lan. this is will be his fist on. he resigns the post in 600 years. people of -- >> i think they would pick a younger -- a younger candidate so they can take over so they can think of it. these are checking times. and we have to accept change. >> i'm sorry to hear that. the colts leaving. aefs looking new and i pay for the mu pull mitt. >> the coly they have until maro
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find a new pope. a sequester will slash probab probably. republicans and democrats are accusing each other of playing politics. >> as congress returns from the winter break, the white house is turning up the heat. >> a lot more children will not get the kinds of services and opportunities they immediate. >> reporter: automatic across the board government spending cuts known as this sequester are sket chauled to kim in this friday. government furloughs will hurt just about everyone. if swu lsk then i'll also have to begin to per taylor to lame wait the bottom bets not go there. accusing the obama administration of exaggeration. >> they had plenty of fashion
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they went. there's easy ways to cut this money that the american people will never feel. >> the fight over whether to let the automatic cuts happen is just as much about spending math as it is the political call plip. >> you have things that are politically useful for all sides of this debate and that's the big reason why it's going to happen. >> workers may not be feeling the day for week but boast sides won both things. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. gas prices are on the gay. price is up 20 cents in the tast two week is and lost power and scheduled maintenance. >> it's too expensive. two too expensive. >> it's been a strongle. it's a even on my personal card right now, paying over $60 for a
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honda how dean. aaaa says the average is $4.17 for the ball gallon and. analysts say the prices. san jose is a little brighter this weekend. 200 street lints have been storing. they were turned off in 2008 because of budget cuts. many major roads. every third or 40 light has been park for 50th years. to ma'am where public it will be about 3 months therefore they're all glowing again. coming up next, a preshoe of matt lauer's ". the 2014 games in sochi, russia. you get a lot of people coming by and saying thank you. happens every time you clean up.
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neighborhood, our bay area proud shows us how one man to pick up a stre chur. chur.
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there was surprise twist in the case of ost kerr pester to use. he is accused of killing his girlfriend and free on bail since friday. we have news that his brother is now facing charges as well.
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>> reporter: oscar pistorius has remained indoors out of the public eye and comfort of family at his uncle's home. in this case that is read more like an unlikely crime novel he was charge with premeditated murder in the shooting of his girlfriend at his house early valentine's day morning claiming he thought she was an intruder. then the chief investigator on the case was charged with attempted murder from a work-related shooting. removed from the case. now pistorius' older brother carl is also charged with cull. able homicide, the equivalent of negligible homicide in the u.s. he was accused of driving recklessly. the charge was originally withdrawn by prosecutors and then later reinstated. carl at his brother's side throughout his hearing was supposed to be on trial himself last thursday but it was postponed so we could support oscar. today friends of riva seensteen
11:45 pm
reacted. >> decided it's him. personally, i think he deserves to stay in jail. >> and her family denied reports circulating in the press, that she had been beaten with a cricket bad that morning and had injuries. as they proceeded in court there is no sign ofs a dauld r sault and struggle. >> one more reason why that happened. in a statement today the lawyer for carl pistorius said in part there is no doubt that carl is innocent. blood tests conducted by the police at the time proved that the had not been under the influence of alcohol. olympic champion skier lindsay vonn is recovering from knee surgery. she says rehab is going well, so
11:46 pm
well she hopes to be strong enough to be competing in november. in a sneak peek of her interview with "today" show's matt lauer she said she knew the fact moment she was over. >> you select out shriek? >> oh, yeah. i initially thought it was going to be worse. there is so much pain i couldn't tell where it was coming from. >> the full interview airs tomorrow morning on the "today" show. vonn was racing super g on the opening day. alpine championships in austria. she says she is set, i'm competing in the winter lk. the olympics are must a year. a bay area landmark turned eyesore until he decided to act. clean-up effort facing the bay area proud.
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just about a year ago a
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group of sixth grade students discomped ten pounds of gold and silver jewelry in a bag at the bottom of lake merritt. it made big news. >> absolutely. tonight's bay area proud is about what people are not finding a lot of in lake merritt these days, that would be trash. we have the story of one man who is helping to make that happen. >> we should probably go over to that big pile of stuff. >> reporter: it would seem that spending years on the shores of lake merritt cleaning up mother nature has caught the doctor a lot about human nature. such as what the people of oakland like to eat, drink, and smoke. >> most of the stuff we get are things we put in our mouths. you can see where the water is coming out of a big storm drain tunnel. >> reporter: drchl bailey would know what he's talking about. there is no one around that is thought more about the stuff in
11:50 pm
lake merritt that's not supposed to be there. it all started in the '90s when a water quality consultant was hired to assess lake merritt. what he found was a lake with a lot of problems but even more potential. >> trash was more proef lent, home. >> he founded the lake merritt institute. because it's just him and a few part timers. the institute came up with the enjin use idea of self help stations. written with people on their hands and tirmt on their mind can get to work cleaning. their efforts appeared to have paid off. when the i understand staut started checking trash in 1997 it could easily collect five pounds of it after a heavy rain. that number has been cut dramatically. it's pollen, it's not paint. this, fix, is a lake after a rain just the previous day.
11:51 pm
compared to what it was like? >> you would see masses of floating fair some paper cups. >> the institute doesn't xwlam. the city has installed new filters to crash price before we cut down on new laws. still, many long-tim residents say they see a lake much cleaner than it has ever been and they let never body. >> you get a lot of people that come by and say thank you. that's encouraging. it's nbc bay area news. time to check the forecast. rob is here to talk about that. >> and we're going to see more sunny days as we go through the week. if you would like to do thisser is activities. but tomorrow morning, you're
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going to get to tampa low the 30s. this says the winds back off. clear skies at night. all the nice mid to upper 60-degree warmth we had during the day, rad rating back out to track. we're going to be a little chilller tonight. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle or two early in the morning. during the day, mostly sunny skies. come down lindh a. hour by hour for the morning. chilly. 30s and 40 toss start. by lunchtime, upper 50s and some low 60s around bay area finishing the day with upper 50s to near 60 in san francisco. mid 60s inland and to the north and east day. san jose, low 60s in the forecast for you tomorrow. and tuesday, we'll see dry conditions. wednesday i think the winds are going to pick back up.
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high pressure builds in across northern california. you're going to see the warming conditions with that ridge of high pressure. 60s and low 70s friday and saturday should be the warmest days. friday, some of the valleys will hang on to 70s and move into the weekend. sunday, thanks to a stronger sea breeze and clouds, those temperatures right there just like we had right there. seven-day, looking dry. ten-day outlook having much needed rain and snow. we'll be right back.
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we've been following breaking news off the coast of san mateo county tonight. two adults and two children are missing at sea. the coast guard says the four had not been heard from since
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their sailboat started taking on water and communicationses were cut at about 5:30 tonight. officials believe the boat sank about 65 miles off the coast of pillar point. now, tonight, the coast guard is trying to learn more about the 29-foot sailboat and the people on board. it's believed the boat is named charm blow or charm glow and anyone with with information about the boat or people on that boat are urged to call the coast guard tonight. >> we don't know where they were out of or where they were going. it's midnight now. last time i heard from them it was 5:30 this afternoon. stay with us for the latest on that breaking news on air and online. "today in the bay" begins at 4:30 in the morning. thanks for watching.
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>> this is "the chris matthews show." >> ask not what your country can do for you. >> tear down this wall. >> i can hear you. >> the time for change has come. chris: crawling into manholes. why does our government dig holes to fall into? humpty dumpty again with big falls for the military, air travel, head start, medical research, you name it. whose fault is it and skip that for a second, who and what are going to get hurt? don't let that romney candidacy fool you. the far right hasn't mellowed. the tea party is still boiling hot. just watch john boehner. and john mccain. keep trying to reason with the right.
11:59 pm
and keep getting burned. and finally, southern cross. this wednesday, the southwest, the supreme court to declare the voting rights act dead. the argument goes, when you have a black president, you don't need special voting protection. is that so? hi. i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. and with us today, the huffington post howard fineman. the bbc's katty kay. nbc's kelly o'donnell. and new york1's errol louis. first up, it's oscar weekend a movie reference for this endless gamesmanship over taxes and spending. remember that movie about the guy who keeps waking up and it's the same day again? that bill murray classic "groundhog day"? >> this is no way to run the greatest country on earth. it's a dangerous game that we've never played before. and we can't afford to play it now. the country deserves folks to be willing to compromise on behalf of the greater good.


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